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You ready for a #FlashbackFriday memory? Well, Usher’s album, Confessions, turned 13 years old yesterday (March

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After joining Casanova on “OHB,” Chris Brown has announced his next Heartbreak on a Full Moon

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SMH: Lawmakers Are Quietly Passing A Bill That Allows Internet Providers To Sell Personal Information

Lawmakers Just Voted To Undo Internet Privacy Rules The Senate just voted to undo do landmark

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Dutchess and Ceaser meet up on the beach to talk about their love for each other.

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Even though most Hip Hop pretty much counted her out, Iggy Azalea is bouncing back and

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Jesus Take The Wheel: Mother And Daughter Die Minutes Apart, In Separate Highway Accidents

Mother And Daughter Pronounced Dead, 30 Minutes Apart In Separate Highway Accidents The family a mother

Cop Arrested For Beating Up & Throwing Hands With Teenager “Don’t Arrest Him”

A Springfield, Illinois police ficer is going viral after a video shows him arguing and beating

GOP Goon Defends Anti-Abortion, Says Rape & Incest Causes “Beauty From The Ashes”

Oklahoma GOP Lawmakers Says Rape And Incest Are No Exceptions For Abortion A lawmaker out Oklahoma fought

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The Kiki Vs Bri fight went down this week on Bad Girls Club East Meets West