Aaron McGruder & Will Packer Reportedly Producing Reparations Alternate History Series ‘Black America’

 Are shows about alternate history the new television craze?

With the creation Amazon Studio’s The Man in the High Castle (the Axis powers won World War II) and HBO’s controversial Confederate (the South won the American Civil War), networks are latching onto these fictional “what if” tales.

According to The Breakfast Club, Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder and Straight Outta Compton producer Will Packer are working on a TV series called Black America.

The show is said to present a post-Civil War world where freed slaves gain control three southern states – Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama – as reparations.

“I know everybody might think that is a reply to Confederate, the alternative history show that HBO is doing, but Aaron and Will announced this back in January,” stated Breakfast Club host Charlamagne Tha God.

In February, Deadline reported Amazon had begun developing a McGruder-Packer project.

The concept the then-untitled program was not revealed at that time.

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