Zach Zoya

Zach Zoya Releases Video for Midnight Banger “Superficial”

After originally releasing “Superficial” as an audio-only single, Zach Zoya returned in early December to add some visual punch to the moody track. While “Superficial” already exudes an aura of loneliness through listening alone, with the accompaniment of the dark visuals of the video, this mood is only further reinforced. Showing a lonely Zach Zoya wandering the deserted streets of Montreal, the video for “Superficial” demonstrates just how lonely Zoya really is, after losing the girl he’s been pining after. Zoya sings on the track, “She’d love the hair and the flashy kicks, just wish you were superficial,” as he complains to himself in a dark, desolate apartment, seemingly drunk to help cushion the blow of abandonment he’s feeling. Ethereal synths glitter over the track, giving it a dream-like quality that perfectly accompanies the evening vibes the video puts forth on its viewers. All of these elements culminate in a track that excels even further with the addition of the video. Zach Zoya is definitely someone worth watching and is expected to release even more high-quality tracks and videos in 2018, so keep your eyes out! Check out the video down below:

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