Kanye West & ASAP Rocky Appear To Be Collaborating

Could be music-related, could be fashion-related.

Kanye West and ASAP Rocky are up to something.

Both Ian Connor & Kanye West’s creative director Virgil Abloh posted the photo to their Instagram account. Connor’s caption read “2016 Started Tonight” and Abloh left the caption suggestively blank.

Clearly, Kanye and Flacko are up to something. Given that they both are heavily involved in the fashion industry and given Connor and Abloh’s involvement in this picture, a Kanye-Flacko collaboration would likely be fashion-related. But Kanye appeared on Rocky’s At.Long.Last.A$AP. album — perhaps Rocky is returning the favor?

Rocky had a stellar weekend, as he shared a late-night car ride with one Kylie Jenner, and then hit the studio with Juicy J for good measure before (apparently) kicking it with Kanye.

Scheming, or chilling?

2016 Started Tonight.

A photo posted by Ian Connor (@ianconnorsrevenge) on


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