10 Lines From Jeremih's "Late Nights" To Use On Tinder

A handful of lyrics taken from Jeremih's new album that could double as your Tinder pick-up lines.

Jeremih's newest album Late Nights: The Album is full of sexy R&B that is sure to play soundtrack for a number of romantic nights in the coming years. Production from Vinylz, Frank Dukes, RetroFuture, London on Da Track, and more thickens the air with a sexy vibe each time you give the record a spin. Of course, Jeremih's words don't do a whole lot to keep your mind thinking R-rated thoughts.

In fact, Jeremih keeps it at least PG-13 the entire time. If he's not talking about a chick, he's talking directly to her, and there's only one thing on his mind. Since the suave R&B singer is so smooth on the mic, there's naturally a handful of pick-up lines that you could use on Tinder this weekend.

You may as well give 'em a try, right. Here's 10 lines to consider the next time you're swipin' right. 

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