50 Cent Clowns Puffy's Ciroc For Its High Calorie Count

50 weighs the health benefits of EFFEN vs. Ciroc in his latest Instagram clownage.

50 is at it again, continuing to clown Puffy and Ciroc. It seems he's the only one playing the game now, though French Montana has recently chimed in on behalf of the "Ciroc Boys." In his latest Instagram video, Fif tells his followers about the health benefits of choosing EFFEN vodka over Ciroc. 

According to Fif, there are 1700 calories in a bottle of Ciroc -- aka 2 Big Mac combos at McDonalds. He continues: "And you wondering why your big ass can't lose no weight." He then holds up a bottle of cucumber-flavored EFFEN, which is sugar-free. "Health options," folks. 

He captions the post, "I want to have TURN UP but I don't want to be on dialysis. #NOPUFFYJUICE till they clean this up." 

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