Drake Sends Subliminal Shots At Meek Mill During Festival Performance

Drake says "I'm the Canadian guy making all the American guys mad" at his Squamish Festival performance.

Until Drake drop his rumored "3 Peat" diss track, it looks like his beef with Meek Mill will be yielding increasingly unimportant runoff. This morning, a guy who wasn't dissed in the first place released a diss track in response to a diss track by another guy who wasn't directly dissed (confusing, we know), and now Drake's resorting to something a little less in-your-face than the meme warfare at OVO Fest at his shows. 

Performing at Squamish Festival over the weekend, Drizzy opted for a subliminal shot at Meek after a performance of "Back To Back," saying, "I'm the Canadian guy making all the American guys mad." This is a little more Drizzy's speed, in terms of his track record with beefs, but he may bare his teeth again if "3 Peat" ever drops.


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