Feature: How Much Longer Can The NYC Music Industry Sleep On Tray Pizzy?

The New York City rap scene is a tricky one, you have so many different groupings of where a certain artist fits in, the difference between indie and major, the organic artist and the artist who is being forced on listeners. The best time to check out a local up-coming rapper on New York City radio is during ass eating hours. To be a successful artist in New York City with no financical backing or major co-sign is an uphill battle all on its own. I’m not even from New York and I think I have a better idea of who is making noise and who isn’t, so its really a shame that the industry heads in New York City don’t do a better job of looking out for their own, besides, who wouldn’t want to be the first person to break a dope potential upcoming artist? The people who pull the strings for the music scene in New York City have or can get access to almost anything they desire. But I get it, taking a chance on an artist is a risky one especially when your name is attached to it, but then again life is all about taking risks and giving people a shot. Any and everybody who is somebody had at least 1 or 2 people give them that push or chance to be where they’re at today. Social media damn near runs the world these days, so usually when a dope artist pops off we hear about it on social media first and interestingly enough that is when the music industry wants to take notice and take all the credit for it.

For the last year Bronx rapper Tray Pizzy has been quietly making a name for himself in the big apple with no financial backing, big features or a major co-sign. You can say that Tray Pizzy has grown his brand and fan base about as organic as you can get. Its nothing normal about Tray Pizzy from his glowing red mohawk, his loyal and growing Broke & Trippy fan base, his ability to craft movie like visuals and last but not least his shows. So what I’m basically trying to say is that over time Tray Pizzy has managed to make dope records that his fan base can relate to, he’s been able to build a loyal fan base that will always be in the building when he is on stage, a knack of bringing his songs to life through dope visuals in an era when creativity is at an all time low, and I have to say this again, the boy puts on one hell of a show unlike any indie artist I have ever came across. I remember before Wiz Khalifa dropped Kush & Orange Juice, when he wasn’t as well known, I won tickets to a show of his and he absolutely killed his performance part, the whole crowd was into it, people were dancing and jumping, it was just a good time. Almost 8-9 years later Wiz Khalifa still has one of the best live shows to date, Tray Pizzy is in the same category. If your reading this and haven’t been to a show of his, stop reading, go check him out and then come back to this article.

Feature: How Much Longer Can The NYC Music Industry Sleep On Tray Pizzy?

A few nights ago Tray Pizzy was asked to perform at the legendary S.O.B.’s for Hot 97’s Who’s Next concert series. My big homie Krown Royale actually gave me the inspiration to write this article, he hit me via text and was like “Yo, Pizzy killed his show the other night at S.O.B.’s and nobody is talking about it, blogs, media etc.” I already peeped the footage yesterday and by now its no surprise to me that he bodies every performance, but this was different because it was a Hot 97 sponsored show and if you ask most people they will say Hot 97 is legendary in NYC. The first thing they messed up on was letting Tray Pizzy go first lol, because clearly he had the livest set out of all the artist, no disrespect to the other 2 artist, but facts are just facts. I including Pizzy’s whole performance set below and the energy he brings to the stage is different then most artist. If you fast forward to the end of his set, Tray Pizzy performs “My Borough” which is a big crowd favorite. The energy from Pizzy along with his brother/hypeman Japan they could essentially just let the crowd rap the whole record without saying a word. You might be reading this and not care or don’t understand the significance of this, simply put no other indie artist in NYC is putting on shows like this. From my understanding after Tray Pizzy performed the crowd kind of died down and if thats not a clear enough sign I don’t know what else is.

Aside from Tray Pizzy you have 2 other independent (I’m not including anyone who is signed to a major) artist who are really making a name for themselves and thats Dave East & Manolo Rose. Tray Pizzy has records with these artist and has also performed side by side with them as well. I get numerous submissions every week with Tray Pizzy features, I see flyers almost 7 days a week with Pizzy’s name stamped on, his crew is hitting the streets to make the world aware of the brand. Just the fact that Tray Pizzy is getting so many feature requests is unbelievable because he is an independent artist, it also works in his favor because his name always stays relevant without dropping a single record. Not to mention, Tray Pizzy has been getting consistent spins on Jovonn The Don’s NewNY show on Power 105 every Sunday night. If your not familiar with the show its one of those platforms for upcoming artist that if you get spins on then your moving in the right direction.

Feature: How Much Longer Can The NYC Music Industry Sleep On Tray Pizzy?

From the music industry’s stand point Tray Pizzy might have a lot of work to do, from everything I’ve seen in the last year or so these execs and A&R’s will be kicking themselves in the ass in another 6 months or so, its only a matter of time before Tray Pizzy does blow up and get the recognition he deserves. I know he’s going to keep plugging away, but at what point does the media stop forcing bullshit music down our throat and actually get out to these shows and see who is really popping. The New York City media has been championing all the wrong artist as of late and once Tray Pizzy does pop they will be the first ones to claim they broke him or will want him on there shows and be spinning all his records. But we all know that Tray Pizzy and the Broke & Trippy brand was built from the ground up, the right way. I’m rooting for him to win, he deserves the credit because its hard to build nothing into something. So the New York City music industry should be on notice after the Hot 97 performance because its a new kid in town and he’s hungry. #EAT

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