Fetty Wap's Motorcycle Crash Injuries Sent Him Back To The Hospital

Fetty Wap's knee "went out" on him yesterday.

Fetty Wap thankfully made it through a pretty serious motorcycle accident back in September, but he's unfortunately still feeling the effects of the crash. The New Jersey star shared an update on his condition on Twitter today, revealing that his knee gave out on him and he was forced to spend the morning in the hospital.

He added that the doctors "didn't really get any good news," but considering the severity of the accident, it's probably going to be a while before the rapper makes a full recovery, especially seeing as he just started walking again. Here's hoping his leg improves soon.

Check out Fetty's tweet below. Are you still bumping his debut album? Where does it sit on your year-end picks?

My knee went out on me yesterday was in the hospital all mornin … didn't really get any good news smh

— FettyWap1738 (@fettywap) December 6, 2015

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