First Look At The 2016 NBA All Star Jerseys

Adidas' time as the NBA's official outfitter is coming to an end, but they're going out on top. The Christmas Day jerseys are the best ones we've seen in years and they killed it with this year's NBA All Star uniforms.

Just like last year's All Star jerseys, the design is simple but it's looking clean nonetheless. Each uniform has a maple leaf and Toronto's skyline on the back, while the shorts feature a raptor claw stamped on a star.

Toronto, of course, is hosting this year's NBA All-Star game on February 14th.

"The goal here was to reflect the past, but also have something that spoke to the fact cosmopolitan city that Toronto is and bring it into the modern age by telling a team story as well," said David Cho, the senior director of Adidas who handles the partnership between the company and the NBA.

The All-Star jerseys, which will go on sale on January 21st, will cost between $70 and $110, depending on material, and the All-Star jackets will range from $110 to $200. 


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