Kay Kumar’s SVDS Video Release: Moroccan Landscapes & An Incredible Duo

Kay Kumar’s latest video SVDS sees the light of day. The track features Zak Le Ninja, and the duo together are absolutely in sync and perfect. Why? While Kay Kumar raps and uses it to tell a story and drop some facts, it is perfectly contrasted with Zak Le Ninja’s completely different musical style, focused more on a melodic flow, and infusing it with French rhymes. I never thought the French language could sound so good in a rap song, but Zak Le Ninja artfully uses his bilingual talents to prove me wrong. And the scenery. It was absolutely mesmerizing to say the least. While the video was directed by both Kumar and Youssef Aferdou, I’m not certain whose idea flying to Morocco was, but it was clearly a great choice. The cities of Rabat, Kenitra and the Sahara Desert are represented to their fullest, with some great scenes showing both Kumar and Zak Le Ninja have the ability to poke fun at themselves, getting lost in the desert and trying to use their phone. They are rescued by mysterious and beautiful women, and we are left with a potential ‘to be continued’ type ending. After seeing this video, I do hope part two makes its release very soon!  

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