Master P's Estranged Wife Files Lawsuit Against Their Son Romeo

She blames Master P, not Romeo, whom she describes as an "unwitting pawn."

With millions of dollars at stake, Master P's divorce battle with his estranged wife Sonya Miller rages fiercely on ward with no end in sight. Now court documents obtained by TMZ reveal that Sonya is suing her son Romeo, claiming that P is using Romeo to keep her from getting the money she deserves.

In 2010 Master P started No Limit Forever. According to Sonya, it functions the same as No Limit Records, and P named Romeo the co-founder and co-owner instead of her in order to prevent her from getting paid.

She also claims that Master P prevented her from getting paid for her role upcoming Reelz reality show "Master P's Family Empire" by putting Romeo on the payroll documents. She blames P for all this, not Romeo, whom she describes as an "unwitting pawn."

"Master P's Family Empire" premieres November 28th.

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