Rick Ross' Baby Mama Upset With How Much 50 Cent's Lawyers Are Spending

Rick Ross' baby mama, Lavonia Leviston, is keeping a watchful eye on 50 Cent's spending in his bankruptcy case.

Rick Ross' baby mama, Lavonia Leviston, won a $7 million judgement against Fif in court this past July, a few days prior to 50 filing for bankruptcy. The judgement came after a legal battle between the two, centering around 50's purported release of the Leviston's sex tape online. 

Now that Leviston is owed the big bucks, she's worried about 50 paying up, rightly so given the fact that he's now filed Chapter 11. TMZ reports that Leviston has filed documents exposing just how much 50's lawyers are spending while they research and prepare for 50's bankruptcy case, calling them out for the sheer amount. The numbers aren't exactly a secret, part of Fif's bankruptcy case involves filing his expenses in court, however Leviston is asking a judge to reject all the over-the-top reimbursements from the bankruptcy case-- which include slightly over $57,000 on hotels for the legal team, and about $15,000 on research.

Leviston calls these expenses "unreasonable," and she's obviously keeping a close eye on 50's spending in order to ensure she gets her pay day. 

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