Riff Raff Being Sued By Landlord For $68K In Unpaid Rent

Riff Raff is getting sued by his current landlord for $68,000 in unpaid rent.

It looks like Riff Raff is having a little run-in with the courts after allegedly failing to pay rent for his apartment.

According to TMZ, Riff Raff is the tenant from hell and currently owes his landlord $68,500 for unpaid rent and damages done to the pad. What those damages are still unknown, but anytime you have a 40 gallon fish tank, an original Vegas casino 5 cent slot machine, and a green pool table which converts into a ping pong table all in one crib, the possibilities are endless.

The apartment may just be an afterthought for Riff Raff these days however, because last month he reportedly bought a “codeine castle,” in Las Vegas that’s heavily influenced by the color purple and features five bedrooms, a basketball court, and a weight room. (Peep photos of that castle here.)

As for the music tip, look for a new project called Trench Coat Towers to be dropping next week. His sophomore album, Peach Panther, is currently in the works as well.

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