Scarface Shares “Wild” Tupac Moments On “Sway In The Morning”

During a recent visit to Shade 45's Sway In The Morning, Scarface spoke about several memorable encounters with Tupac Shakur.

After Sway plays Pac and Scarface's 1997 hit "Smile" the renowned radio host asks Scarface about his experiences with the deceased rapper.

"When I started hanging with Pac, that's when I realize this motherfucka is crazy," Scarface says. "We used to go out on the road together, he would always start fights... He used to go on before me. He would say, ‘Next motherfucker to throw something up here, I’ll give you $100 to beat his ass. He’d go back and get the bag from off the DJ stand and slide the glocks out and clear the god damn arena out... I was so fucking mad at Pac for three shows.”

From the moments Scarface shared, the two seemed to have a good relationship. Face continuously referred to Pac was "wild." Especially, after an incident that occurred at a Milwaukee show.

According to Face, Pac started an argument with some people from the city at their show. The audience members ended up showing up at their hotel where they started shooting.

"Pac wanted to go out there," Scarface says. I was like 'Nigga, is you crazy?' That lil nigga was wild."

He also recalls being emotional when he first saw the pictures of Tupac's autopsy on the Internet.

"I was screaming at the picture," Scarface says. "All I could say in rage, was 'what the fuck did you do?' I don't know what happened to me, it hit me. It fucked me up. It really did. I had just seen him...I was on my way back from California, and they called and they said 'yup, Pac got shot.'

"That day he died, that was a fucked up day for me. I hope that nigga is lying. But if he's lying and he comes back I'm going to beat him up. [laughs]."

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