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YG Detained by LAPD for Not Wearing Seatbelt

Shortly after Tyga was pulled over for having paper plates on his new ride, YG was

Chief Keef Arrested In Miami

Miami,FL – Chief Keef continues his roller coaster journey as, shortly after celebrating his first platinum

Chief Keef Arrested for Driving Under the Influence

Chief Keef is on the wrong side the law again. On Saturday (April 8) in Miami,

Chief Keef Detained In Florida; Marijuana Charges Loom

Chicago rapper Chief Keef recently got his driver’s license, and he’s already running into trouble. According

Suge Knight Says He Knows Who Killed Tupac

Another chapter in the saga the investigation Tupac Shakur’s murder has been revealed as Suge Knight‘s lawyer

Jennifer Hudson Says A Strict Diet, Not Exercise, Has Kept Those 80 Pounds Off

Ever since she went from a size 16 to a size 6 in front our eyes,

Notorious S.U.V. The Chevy Suburban The Biggie Smalls Was Murdered In Is Selling For $1.5 Million

Notorious B.I.G’s “Deathmobile” Being Sold For $1.5 Million The owners a forest green Chevrolet Suburban had

Not Trump’s America: Passengers Cheer As Racist Man Is Booted From United Flight [VIDEO]

Passengers Aboard United Flight Cheer As Racist Man Is Removed, Proving America Is Great This story

Jason Derulo And Crew Put Off ANOTHER Flight For Getting Sassy And Loud…But He Calls Racial Profiling

Jason Derulo Booted From American Airlines Flight Jason Derulo and his band homeboys got put f

Cash Me In Cuffs, How Bah Dah? Viral Meme Teen Brat Pulled From Plane For Punching Passenger

Danielle Bregoli Escorted Off Plane After Assaulting A Passenger This lil’ broad is gonna bite f

Here are just a few of the tracks you might not know Diplo produced!

Diplo is by far one the biggest producers in the dance music industry. Over the course

Woman Claims Her XL Fun Bags Got Her Kicked Off Of A Spirit Airlines Flight By Hating Flight Attendants

=auto” width=”640″ height=”395″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen=”” mozallowfullscreen=”” allowfullscreen=””] Woman Claims She Was Harassed And Booted By Spirit

Lyft Everywhere: Uber Gets Deleted Off Earth After Strikebreaking During Refugee Crisis

Uber Faces Backlash After Company Supports Muslim Ban Uber is getting deleted after the ridesharing company

Watch Preview Of Boyz II Men Singing "Motownphilly" On Spike TV's "Caraoke Showdown"

Spike TV’s Caraoke Showdown, hosted by actor Craig Robinson (The Office, Pineapple Express), takes groups passengers