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“What Whiskey Does” impacts radio on July 23rd

Randy Houser is back with a gritty new country ballad that is sure to tug at your heart. The country crooner, one the most recognized voices in country music, has released “What Whiskey Does” after a two year break. Houser detoured from his sold out full-production tour dates to begin working on music for his upcoming fifth studio album due later this year.

The organic bluesy ballad is like a shot whiskey that hits the spot! Houser sings with passion and while the music is organic and stripped from the overproduced sound that’s popular today.

Houser sings the chorus: “I’m gonna light one up and sit right here/I’m gonna drink this hole love wall outta beer/When this ice cold beer looses its buzz/I’m gonna let that whiskey do what whiskey does.”

“Coming f such a big year in 2017, I really wanted to get back to the basics, experiment with sound and make music that inspired me,” Houser says. “‘What Whiskey Does’ was born from a mission to forget about all the bells and whistles, relax and just create music that felt good to make.”

After garnering millions sales, four No. 1 hits, countless sold out shows, a slew national television appearances and several award nominations, Houser opted to slow things down and set up camp in his good buddy Gattis’ studio in East Nashville to refocus on writing, playing guitar and crafting authentic music. No word on when the album will be released Stoney Creek Music.

“What Whiskey Does” is a great tease to what’s ahead from Houser. I’m looking forward to it and you should too!

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