10 Latin Songs to Fuel Your Long-Distance Relationship This Valentine’s Day

Oh, long-distance relationships. It’s time-consuming, it’s challenging, it takes a toll on you but it’s worth every second for the man or woman you love. Dating someone that’s out of town or overseas is simply the norm now, especially thanks to technology and dating apps. 

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there are many ways couples who are apart can celebrate. Perhaps video chat all night long? Mail each other thoughtful gifts? Curate a loving playlist for them to have on replay on February 14? The options are endless. 

While you let your creative juices flow, Billboard has put together a list of 10 Latin pop songs that shed light on the real struggles and emotions of loving someone who’s far away.

From Sin Bandera’s “Kilometros” to Sebastian Yatra & Reik’s “Un Año,” check them out below.

“Kilometros” - Sin Bandera

In this heartfelt song, Sin Bandera gets real about long-distance love. “The whole world fits in the phone / there’s no distance big enough for our love/everything is perfect when I feel you so close even if you’re far,” the chorus says.

“Fotografia” - Juanes ft. Nelly Furtado

In this song, Juanes and Nelly Furtado sing about those picture-perfect moments in a relationship and how despite the distance, they feel each other’s presence thanks to the photographs.

“Cuando Nos Volvamos a Encontrar” - Carlos Vives ft. Marc Anthony

“Cuando Nos Volvamos a Encontrar” is a song about a person who changed their bad habits, such as smoking and eating junk food and makes new promises to their significant other.

“Caraluna” - Bacilos

A real tropipop gem, “Caraluna” is about a person who always sees their lovers face on the moon and hears their voice amongst the crashing ocean waves.

“Un Año” - Sebastian Yatra, Reik

The Colombian artist and Mexican group dropped this song that puts into words the real meaning of love: patience, unconditional commitment, and overcoming obstacles together.

“Contigo en la Distancia” - Luis Miguel

This classic bolero written in 1946 has been revamped by many artists throughout the years including Luis Miguel, Christina Aguilera, and Il Volo, to name a few. The song is about being faithfully committed to someone despite the distance.

“Pienso En Ti” - Joss Favela, Becky G

Meshing her pop vocals with his Regional Mexican guitar riffs, Becky G and Joss Favela teamed up for this heartfelt Latin country bop about having that special someone always on their mind.

"No Me Doy Por Vencido" - Luis Fonsi

Before his “Despacito” days, Luis Fonsi blessed his fans with his powerful pop ballads about love and heartbreak. This song, simply put, is about not giving up and fighting for the person you love.

"Aunque No Te Pueda Ver" - Alex Ubago

Spanish singer-songwriter Alex Ubago dropped “Aunque No Te Pueda Ver” in the early 2000s as an important message to everyone who feels alone. “I’ll always be here even if I can’t see you,” he sings in the chorus.

“Tu Recuerdo” - Ricky Martin ft. La Mari De Chambao, Tommy Torres

Ricky Martin, La Mari De Chambao, and Tommy Torres all teamed up for “Tu Recuerdo,” a song about a person who’s grasping on to the memory of someone.

10 Latin Songs to Fuel Your Long-Distance Relationship This Valentine's Day

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