5 Things To Know About Bad Bunny’s ‘Interview’ Magazine Feature by Rosalía

Bad Bunny and Rosalía are good friends, and to prove it, the Puerto Rican trap singer let the Spanish rising star ask all the questions she wanted for a new Interview magazine feature. We have to say: Rosalía is a good interviewer.

Below, find five things we learned from Bad Bunny and Rosalía's chat.

1. Bad Bunny’s favorite hookah flavor is mint and Rosalía likes watermelon and grape.

2. Bad Bunny celebrates his birthday by watching movies.

3. Bad Bunny gets anxious when he is getting his nails done and he doesn’t like to do nails in Spain because the technician doesn’t allow him to help. (Rosalía didn't like this story.)

4. Both singers love hammocks.

5. Bad Bunny got mad when people started thinking that he and Rosalía were dating.

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