A$AP Rocky’s First Swedish Lawyer Shot in Stockholm: Report

A$AP Rocky's first lawyer, Henrik Olssen Lilja, from his case in Sweden, has reportedly been shot in Stockholm.

According to Forbes, Lilja reportedly suffered gunshot wounds to his head and chest on Friday morning (Sept. 6), before the assailant allegedly fled in a nearby getaway SUV.

Several individuals have since been arrested around the Swedish capital for questioning. Lilja reportedly remained conscious after the gunshots and called the police himself to report the incident. The Swedish Bar Association confirmed Lilja to be the victim of the shooting, which is being referred to as an "isolated incident."

“The police have arrested several people for questioning," Swedish police said in a statement. "The investigation is at an intense stage and the police are working on several different fronts to make progress."

Eyewitnesses allege that Lilja was involved in a physical altercation in the stairwell of his workplace prior to the gunshots being fired.

Lilja was eventually replaced by a separate legal team before Rocky's trial even started. 

Billboard has reached out to A$AP Rocky's reps for comment. 

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