Colony House Honor Hometown Heroes Johnny Cash, Kings of Leon & More: Takeover Tuesday Playlist

Welcome back to Takeover Tuesday, where each week, Billboard taps chart-topping artists and tastemakers to compile their very own playlist exclusive to Billboard's Spotify account. We give the artists free rein to base the list on whatever subject they choose. The only rule? Make it as creative and unique to them as possible.

Colony House is starting off their 2020 in a major way: After releasing their third album, Leave What’s Lost Behind, on January 24, the rock group are hitting the road for a headlining North American tour of the same name. The title of the group's latest album is a fitting statement for where they're at as a band, as they left the major label system in 2018 and went back to their roots for the project.

But no matter the changes Colony House endure as a band, one thing they'll never leave behind is their home state of Tennessee. The Franklin natives are kicking off their tour with a special show in Nashville on Jan. 25, and before that, they've dedicated an entire playlist to those who also hail from the Volunteer State.

The Colony House guys -- frontman Caleb Chapman, drummer (and Caleb's brother) Will Chapman, bassist Parke Cottrell and guitarist Scott Mills -- got creative with their Takeover Tuesday playlist, combining two song titles off of Leave What's Lost Behind to create the theme, “Where I’m From” Creates “Original Material.” In other words, "some of our favorite original songs from different artists who call the great state of Tennessee home," as the group puts it.

The 17-track playlist features tunes from familiar Nashville names Kings of Leon and Johnny Cash (who wasn't born in Music City but spent much of his legendary career there), as well as several of Colony House's fellow alt-rockers like The Boxer Rebellion, Judah and the Lion and Coin.

Also part of the mix are solo acts of all genres, like folk rocker Fleurie, alt singer Devon Gilfillian and contemporary Christian veteran Steven Curtis Chapman -- who also happens to be Caleb and Will's father. "Come on... I gotta put my pops on the list!" says Caleb.

Take a listen to Colony House's Tennessee-inspired playlist below, and check out what the guys had to say about each of their picks.

Colony House, "Original Material": "Had to put our jam on here, right? This song is about being us and not worrying about the make-believe standards the world puts on everyone all the time." -- Caleb

Arlie, "Big Fat Mouth": "I get stoked when bands sound familiar, but at the same time brand new. Arlie’s 'Big Fat Mouth' is a really cool sounding song that feels unique to them. It made me turn my head when I first heard it." -- Parke

Fleurie, "Explosions of Grandeur": Fleurie has one of those voices you never get tired of listening to. She makes beautiful music and has beautiful things to say." -- Caleb

Kings of Leon, "Back Down South": "We could put just about any Kings of Leon song on this playlist, but 'Back Down South' seemed appropriate for this specific collection of songs. The very first festival we ever played, Austin City Limits, Kings of Leon were headlining. We were all fans going into the show but we left floored. They’ve been a huge influence, to say the least." -- Will

The Boxer Rebellion, "Soviets": "Although they are a British-based rock band, the lead singer is from Maryville, Tenn. Just a few miles away from Knoxville, where 50% of Colony House comes from. This band was one of our biggest influences when we first started and they continue to inspire us still." -- Scott

Devon Gilfillian, "Stay A Little Longer": "We’ve both worked with the same producer, Jeremy Lutito, and recently played a show with Devon. He is insanely talented. I am guessing a lot more folks are going to know who Devon Gilfillian is by the end of 2020." -- Caleb

Judah and The Lion feat. Kacey Musgraves, "Pictures": "Judah took us on tour in the spring of 2018. Probably one of our favorite tours to date. Those guys have hearts of gold and an incredible gift for connecting with people through their music. Pictures feat. Kacey Musgraves is such an amazing song. Heartbreaking, but important. Also, I get to drum on their newest album!" -- Will

Coin, "Let it All Out (10:05)": We’ve toured with these dudes and have loved watching them grow like crazy. Their latest release, 'Let It All Out (10:05)', is so good. My favorite song from them for sure." -- Caleb

The New Respects, "Come As You Are": "We’ve known these amazing people for a long, long time. At the end of 2018, they joined us on tour and we became even closer friends. They are so talented, and this song feels like a timeless beauty in our humble opinion." -- Caleb

Steven Curtis Chapman, "Where The Bluegrass Grows": "Though he is singing about Kentucky, he has raised a family in Tennessee, so let’s make an exception shall we? By the way, this track is on his Deeper Roots album, which is up for his seventh Grammy Award. Legend." -- Caleb

Tommy Emmanuel​, "Smokey Mountain Lullaby": "The first time I ever heard this song performed was at the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville. The melodies in this song are so singable and beautiful and, even as an instrumental, it says so much." -- Scott

Colony House, "Where I’m From": "A song about the things that make me feel at home or at least like I'm on my way back." -- Caleb

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, "Tennessee": "Drew Holcomb is an artist that believed in our band from the very early days and has championed us all the way up through now. He has so many amazing songs but 'Tennessee' is perfect for this playlist." -- Will

Mathew Perryman Jones, "Land of The Living": "We all rallied around this record, as well as pretty much everything Mathew Perryman Jones writes. His voice and storytelling abilities are up there with the greats. Sit back, relax, and be moved, y'all." -- Parke

Hammock, "Oblivion Hymns": "My go-to reading music. They know how to create a landscape that pulls you into another world. It’s pretty magical." -- Parke (Editor's note: Hammock's Oblivion Hymns is a full album. We've included one of the tracks in the playlist, but you can listen to the full thing here.)

Johnny Cash, "Boy Named Sue": "Whenever I have to pick just one Johnny Cash song I fall completely into the paralysis of analysis. So for this playlist, I chose 'Boy Named Sue.' Storytelling at its finest. I love an artist who can make you cry with depth and humor." -- Caleb

Colony House, "Looking For Some Light": "This is the first song on our latest album. It was also the first song we released [from Leave What’s Lost Behind]. All we need is a little bit of light to get us out of the darkness. That light can look like so many different things but so often we -- human beings -- are the catalyst in sharing it with others. This is an anthem for all of the people looking for some light and/or all the people holding on to it." -- Caleb

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