Fat Joe Storms Back with Cardi B and Anuel AA on ‘Yes’: Listen

The banging track honors the 1972 Héctor Lavoe and Willie Colón hit “Aguanilé."

Fat Joe, Cardi B and Anuel AA have released a surprise song. The trio took over streaming platforms on Friday (Sept. 6) after releasing their first song together “Yes,” a powerful hip-hop tune that honors the 1972 Héctor Lavoe and Willie Colón hit “Aguanilé.” Yes, the formula behind “I Like It” is back again.

What does aguanilé means? It’s a Yoruba word (a language from Nigeria in West Africa) that in salsa it stems from the Afro-Cuban religion called Santería, which basically asks for the purification of earthly possessions. In the song, Fat Joe, Cardi B, and Anuel AA use the word as a steady chorus.

Meanwhile, the song's lyrics are about how life is on New York streets. Fat Joe and Cardi sing about power and the money, with Cardi rhyming, "La Cardi, Bardi/ Never been stressed by a ho, no/ Never been pressed by a bitch (by a bitch) Murder and the money on my mind (on my mind)," while Anuel adds his unique bad boy style in Spanish.

Listen to "Yes" below:

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