Jenna Lotti’s ‘Your Party’ Proves the Best Parties Involve Wine and a Couch: Premiere

Jenna Lotti has turned a bad time into a good song with "Your Party," premiering exclusively below.

The vibey, ambient pop track was inspired by a Hollywood Hills party the Boston-raised singer-songwriter and her husband attended shortly after moving to Los Angeles about two years ago. "It was very strange," Lotti recalls for Billboard. "We didn't know anyone. A lot of people were there kind of name-dropping, different kinds of people we weren't used to. Back on the east coast everybody's more low-key, but this party was different. Everyone was trying to network. It just felt very strange. And I'm very introverted and kind of shy, so it was really hard.

"We decided to leave and just go home and have our own party on our couch and drink a bunch of wine and laugh. That was the best part of the night."

"Your Party" joins a Lotti catalog that includes an album in 2013, an EP in 2016 and a selection of singles on Spotify. "I'm trying to release something consistently every few months or so," says Lotti, a former interior design student who began playing music when she was young and writing songs as an outlet for depression and anxiety. "I like the feel of doing that. My songs, I feel, just keep getting better, and I think people can see that better if they come out like this, one at a time. But I may do an EP or a short LP at some point, too."

Being introverted, of course, may not bode well for a career in music, but Lotti -- whose husband, a freight broker, plays guitar in her band -- says it hasn't been an impediment. "It's kind of weird; When I'm on stage, I'm able to express myself and I don't feel very shy," she explains. "When I'm off stage is when I'm shy. It's a little strange, but I feel like a lot of artists are like that."

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