Rosalía’s Music Video Evolution: ‘Catalina,’ ‘Malamente,’ ‘Con Altura,’ ‘F*cking Money Man’ & More

At more than 500 million global views, Rosalia’s “Con Altura” with J Balvin and El Guincho, has nabbed her the title of YouTube’s most-viewed music video by a female artist in 2019 (so far).

But before the fabulous party in a private jet became a global sensation, the Spanish singer has been serving her fans with some intense, meaningful and very creative music videos.

Billboard revisits Rosalia’s music evolution below, from her simple, black-and-white “Tarante” to her 2-in-1 video bundle “F*cking Money Man.”

"Taranta" with Alfredo Lagos - 2016

One of the first music videos on Rosalia's YouTube channel is "Taranta," an elegant black-and-white clip that highlights her powerhouse flamenco vocals joined by Spanish guitarist Alfredo Lagos.

"Catalina" - 2017

At the beginning of her career, Rosalia's videos were simple but made a statement as seen in "Catalina."

“De Plata” - 2017

"De Plata," filmed in Los Angeles, gives us major '70s vibes with the retro colors, scenes and fashion style.

“Malamente” - 2018

In 2018, Rosalia began to incorporate urban fusions into her traditional flamenco style and started flaunting more of her killer dance moves as seen in "Malamente."

“Pienso en tu Mira” - 2018

A true masterpiece, "Pienso en tu Mira" tells the story of a painful love story in an artistic way, including flashy jewelry and witchcraft.

“Di Mi Nombre” - 2018

Flaunting her flamenco skills, Rosalia is seen dancing alone in a pink bedroom for the "Di Mi Nombre" music video.

“Bagdad” - 2018

In "Bagdad," Rosalia portrays an exotic dancer who's seen crying alone in a bathroom and drowning in her own tears. The track is an adaptation of Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River."

“De Aqui No Sales” - 2018

"This is my favorite song on the album and this visual piece reinforces the music like no other video has done in the project,” Rosalia said in a press release of "De Aquí No Sales (Cap.4: Disputa)."

“Con Altura” - 2019

Rosalia kicked off 2019 with a more mainstream sound infused into her flamenco/pop melodies. In "Con Altura," she celebrates her success in a colorful private jet party alongside J Balvin and El Guincho.

“Aute Cuture” - 2019

The music video for "Aute Cuture" tells the story of a mystical beauty gang, providing a dose of glamour and bejeweled nails.

“F*cking Money Man” - 2019

Giving us major game show-meets-infomercial vibes from the '70s, Rosalia released "F*cking Money Man," featuring two songs and videos in one: “Milionaría” (in Catalan) and “Dio$ No$ Libre del Dinero" (in Spanish).

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