Selena Gomez Unveils ‘Rare’ Behind-the-Scenes Facts in Her Latest Pop-Up Watch

Selena Gomez dropped a new pop-up version of her "Rare" video on Thursday (Feb. 6), revealing behind-the-scenes tidbits from the video shoot.

According to the on-screen factoids, the superstar decided she wanted to shoot the visual for the single in nature "after being inspired during her philanthropic trip to Kenya with WE organization." (Among the menagerie of animals used on set were horses, racoons and one mountain lion.)

Gomez also shared that, while many of the psychedelic special effects in the video were added after the fact, the glittering spider web and silver, mercury-esque liquid she handles in the clip were one hundred percent real. (The latter is actually a non-radioactive metal called gallium.) In between takes, the singer kept busy by signing more than 4,000 copies of her album cover for fans -- as evidenced by the sweet post she shared on Instagram the day of Rare's January 10 release.

Check out the full pop-up video for "Rare" below.

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