Snow Patrol Talks Plans to Celebrate 25th Anniversary

After putting out its first new album seven years (last year's Wildness), Snow Patrol is getting ready to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its formation with both new music and performances.

Frontman Gary Lightbody tells Billboard that the quintet is planning some "different" releases starting later this year, primarily new recordings of some of Snow Patrol's older songs. "We're taking new approaches to them, some very different," says Lightbody, declining to list specific titles just yet. "It won't be an album exactly; We'll just put them out over the course of the year.

"It's more fun to do than I expected. I don't want to look backwards too long, but after 25 years it seems appropriate. It does feel that some time has passed for us. We've been through a lot together, so 25 feels about right."

Snow Patrol, which toured North American earlier in the spring, will play some special shows to celebrate the anniversary as well, starting May 25 at Ward Park in Bangor, Northern Ireland, where Lightbody and drummer Jonny Quinn were born. "We're doing something special, a show nobody's seen before," Lightbody says. "I don't know how to describe it without giving too much away. This is the first step in a series of kind of celebrations, mostly in the U.K. and Europe."

Snow Patrol will be playing festivals and headline dates through July before heading to Australia, New Zealand and Asia during August, wrapping up Sept. 1 in Singapore. The group plans to begin writing new material in earnest during January and not take another seven years before releasing a follow-up to Wildness.

"I've already written a bunch of songs," Lightbody reports. "When you're on tour everything’s a little scattered, so I'd like to be static for a minute or two before I start writing. We're going to be on tour to the first of the year, and after that we'll really get back to making new stuff."

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