Vince Staples Shares Trailer For New Original Series ‘The Vince Staples Show’: Watch

Vince Staples has shared a trailer for an "all new original series" called The Vince Staples Show, set to be released on Thursday (Aug. 22).

In the clip, Staples sits in a car with two young boys as he guides them on how to sell candy to strangers in a grocery store parking lot. "You already know the deal, we're not doing too much talking," he says. "Both of y'all signed up for this, you either with it or you not."

The Long Beach rapper, previously on Def Jam, signed to Motown Records earlier this month Blacksmith Recordings. During that same time, he said fans can expect new music in "a week, two weeks" (that was about two weeks ago). 

Watch the full trailer below.

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