Viva Friday Playlist: New Music by Juanes With Alessia Cara, Ricardo Montaner & More

Viva Friday is a compilation of the best new Latin songs, albums and videos recommended by the Billboard Latin editors.

​Blurbs by: Suzette Fernández, Judy Cantor-Navas, Pamela Bustios and Jessica Roiz.

Juanes & Alessia Cara – “Querer Mejor”

Alessia Cara has joined the “singing in Spanish” club. The Canadian singer teamed up with Colombian superstar Juanes for “Querer Mejor.” The song has a sweet melody and is about a couple who is in love and encouraged to love more regardless. Singing in Spanish, Cara’s voice stands out and her pronunciation is perfect. Watch the video below.

Yandel, Sebastián Yatra & Manuel Turizo – “En Cero”

Yandel, Sebastián Yatra and Manuel Turizo’s song “En Cero” is a contender to be the Latin song of the summer. Once again, talent from Colombia and Puerto Rico have joined forces to bring their fans a danceable song that basically points out that they can’t live without love. The song, which fuses urban and tropical rhythms, premiered alongside a fun music video (watch below). In the clip, they do as much as they can for forgiveness because they arrived late to a wedding and are a total mess.

Ricardo Montaner, Montaner

Ricardo Montaner has released his 24th studio album, Montaner. In the set, the Argentine-Venezuelan singer-songwriter explores new sounds and let the creativity take over his romanticism. For example, his song “Vasito de Agua” uses urban rhythms with the participation of Farruko but never loses Montaner's essence, lyrically. Montaner is available now in physical and digital formats. The 10-track album was co-produced by Camilo Echeverry, Jon Leone and Richy López (Julka Bros), Mau y Ricky, among others.

Anuel AA – “Por Ley”

Anuel AA is back to be the bad guy. His new song “Por Ley” takes him back to his musical roots, but this time, the lyrics aren’t too explicit. Anuel is proving that he can be commercial, as he said during his panel at Billboard’s Latin Music Week.

Panteón Rococó, Infiernos

The energy of Panteón Rococó’s mestizo, message-laden ska has not lagged in the band’s 24-year history, as proven on Infiernos, the Mexican rockers' first album in six years. The introspective title track searches memories and meaning in Berlin (where the band has a committed following), and bird calls and flutes herald a somber offering to the state of the planet on “Déjà Vu,” while “Miradas” moves to the hectic beat of Mexico City.

Las Migas – "Allí Te Esperaré"

Spanish quartet Las Migas release “Allí Te Esperaré” the new single from their newly released 10-track album Cuatro Satélite K, which comprises of eight recovered hits and two unpublished titles. Their fourth studio album, produced by Sebastián Merlín, celebrates the female act’s 15-year anniversary. It’s a moment of resurgence and consolidation for the group, who integrated the vocals of Begoña Salazar following the departure of Alba Carmona. With Salazar’s arrival, the group solidifies their flamenco flair, winding up in a musical fit. “Allí,” a song written by Miguel A. Márquez (Antílopes), flaunts a fresh and personal style, permeable to diverse influences offering the act a new journey.

COASTCITY – “Nadie Es Santo”

Caribbean soul act COASTCITY dives into the delicate themes of infidelity and desire in the bilingual “Nadie Es Santo,” the first part of a trilogy written and produced by the Puerto Rican duo and co-written by Alejandra Alberti. The narrative of the R&B-flecked tune with funk and soul nuances explores the intricacies of will and desire through the velvety vocals of Jean Rodriguez and fresh rapping by producer Danny Flores, also on keyboards, a follow-up to their continuous cross-cultural exploration.

Paulo Londra, Homerun

In the fall of 2018, Billboard featured Paulo Londra as a Latin Artist on the Rise, highlighting that Eminem’s 8 Mile film was his inspiration and freestyle battles in his hometown of Cordoba, Argentina, was his training. On Friday (May 24), the 21-year-old Argentine artist drops his debut album Homerun (Warner Music Latina), an 18-track production that further emphasizes his life story, his passions and dreams. “The day that I’ve been waiting for is finally here,” he expressed on Instagram. “My first album, thank you to everyone who made it possible and everyone who supported me.” Homerun was produced by Colombian Ovy on the Drum and features a childhood photo of Londra wearing a baseball cap and red tee that says "homerun" as the cover art. The album kicks off with the title track, where over a melodious beat he sings in his peculiar, raspy voice about making his loved ones proud, such as his mom, dad, sister, friends and himself. Primarily known as a Latin trap artist, Londra’s album is home to heavy trap tunes such as “No Puedo,” “Romeo & Julieta” and the single that put him on the international radar, “Chica Paranormal.” His freestyle skills also come out to play in many hip-hop-infused tracks, such as “So Fresh.” Reggaeton does not stay behind, making a cameo in tracks like “Tal Vez” and “Nena Maldición” featuring Lenny Tavarez, a sensual urban jam that incorporates Lenny’s smooth vocals. Flaunting his versatility, Homerun embraces Londra’s alternative/pop side in “Demasiado Loco” and “Maldita Abusadora,” two songs that take it down a notch from the head-bopping urban beats to a more mellow mood. “Dimelo,” on the other hand, has flairs of Brazilian funk. His singles “Forever Alone,” “Adan & Eva” (which was No. 1 on Billboard Argentina’s Year-End Hot 100 chart in 2018), and “Solo Pienso en Ti” featuring De La Ghetto and Justin Quiles also form part of this musical journey. Londra wraps up his one-hour-long debut album with “Sigan Hablando de Mi,” a jam that takes it back to his hip-hop/freestyle roots, signing off with a clear message to his haters that Homerun is only the beginning.

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