50 Cent Demands Court Find Rick Ross For Lawsuit

Last month, we learned that Rick Ross is skillfully avoiding the subpoena 50 Cent is trying to serve him in Fif's $32 million lawsuit against his former lawyers.

50 sued Reed Smith, who represented him when he lost $7 million in a lawsuit filed against him by Rick Ross's baby mama, for malpractice because, among other things, they made a pre-trial agreement with Leviston's lawyers that would preclude Ross from testifying.

He needs to depose Ross to prove that. But Ross refuses to be helpful to his long-time rival, using his gated home and security personal to keep any process servers away.

Now Fif is demanding the court step in and force Rick Ross to sit for a deposition and turn over documents.

Lewiston notoriously sued Fif for leaking and narrating her tape.  The $7 million judgement forced Fif into bankruptcy.

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