Boosie Badazz Accused Of Killing His Baby Mama’s Brother; Other Nastiness

The mother of Boosie Badazz's daughter Tori has made a rather startling accusation.

She jumped on her daughter's Instagram Live page this weekend and accused Boosie of killing her brother.

After that, the Baby Mama played a taped conversation in which Boosie threatens to give Tori a black eye and kill her mother as he did her uncle. Boosie has been implicated in several murders but has never been convicted.

Boosie responded to the airing of those grievances by attacking the Baby Mama's character, explaining that she allowed Boosie to double team her with his best friend.


He also brought up his Baby Mother's criminal history, which he says includes many charges of stealing. He never denied or even addressed the killing of her brother in this particular response.

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