DaBaby Knocks Out Rival Rapper Inside Louis Vuitton Store

We're not sure why people keep trying DaBaby, but he keeps finding himself in the middle of the drama. 

The North Carolina rapper and his team are in some legal trouble for beating a "fan" into a coma, and he also just beat a case for shooting and killing a man inside a Walmart, but that doesn't seem to be stopping him from checking others. 

DaBaby has been beefing with a Charlotte rapper named Cam Coldheart, and the two recently crossed paths inside a Louis Vuitton store. 

In a clip that was uploaded to DaBaby's Instagram, it shows Cam calling DaBaby a "b*tch" and insulting him when he is line trying to check out. 

The next clips show DaBaby telling Cam he is "scared" and then a scuffle begins, which then goes into another clip of Cam on the ground, bloody, without his pants and looking dazed & confused. 

Cam Coldheart, huh? Cam Coldheart. I'm the truth, n*gga. Knocked him out.

DaBaby claims he beat Cam up solo, but Cam insists that he was jumped by DaBaby's security and that he only got scratched. 

When bullying Baby on the internet goes wrong🤦🏾‍♂️


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@dababy nah Lil nigga U GONE DO SOMETHIN.put more respect on da Carolinas name.u pee wee pushin 30.I did somethin.u see what’s goin on.favor warning cuz I kno this town.Sound like u talkin physical.I aint say I was gone hurt u 😇lol.& if I wanted to I wouldnt be responding like dat on dis police ass nigga.what is u really to the heart of Charlotte or the Carolinas?u aint neva been in trenches wit nobody NOWHERE here❗️wit a big ass Charlotte jersey on on yo album cover Ohio Lil nigga.its a half of city ain’t feelin dat shit👑.niggas been mentioned since ya @saycheesedigital interview They aint like how u wasn’t payin homeage,the mfs that showed u love,& the ppl in it on yo big platforms pee wee.actin like u is the whole Carolinas & shit.u aint even gotta like me but what about the ppl u do fuck wit?That fuck wit u!Niggas u collabed wit?Real niggas dat showed u love.i swear @704noah let u perform at whitehouse 80 times and my Nigga @whitehouse__frezzy showed love & hyped yo ass all way to fame front dem college kids.What about big No dem?yo own team where they shout outs. @kingcarter, @sean_da_firzt u don’t talk about him like Gucci always praised Zaytoven.the Dj’s,radio host that paved the way for u @noleezy @iamchewy5 @micmanordj @deejaytrap etc.loyal to yo campaign years where they shout-outs when u get the opportunity on big platforms?the radio stations in da Cak dat helped yo wave when wack ass Diamonds ain’t blow for 2 years yall had to regroup Hell u already ready to jump the fence on @southcoastmusicgroup u billions of babies Ent now.SUMMIN THIS UP TO SAY U GONE NEED DAT DIAPER ON WHEN YO BOWELS RELEASING CUZ U DONE GOT HIT FOR PISSIN THE WRONG MFS OFF IF YOU DONT GET YO MIND RIGHT.NOT ME.rest of the bity that ain’t feelin dat shit pee wee.So everybody tag @dababy @saycheesedigital @vladtv @xxl @thesource & all dem to make emEXPLAIN.EXPLAIN why he got a hornets jersey on the front of his Album and he from Ohio?When we dont even fuck wit u cuz u obviously dont fuck wit us.and tell this pee wee lil boy Nigga to clear his throat when he speak to me sounding like yo voice just hit puberty and shit

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