Kevin Gates Reveals He Shot Himself In The Head

Kevin Gates has been on a press run, which means lots of provocative statements sure to land on your news feed.

During his stop this morning on Everyday Struggle Gates got serious about his mental health issues and admitted to trying to off himself a bullet to the head.

"That's a bullet, that's a .38 snub," he said, and got Wayno to touch the affected area on his noggin. "You know who did that? This is my first time ever admitting this. You know who did that? I'm guilty. I'm guilty, I did that. I did that to myself."

Gates went on to explain that he used to feel inadequate in the presence of "more complete" people but he's been working on that. He attributed his struggles to a "trying childhood" and a fraught relationship with his biological mother.

Jump to the 11-minute mark to hear Gates speak on trying to end it all and then getting better.


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