NBA YoungBoy’s Mother Claims He Kicked Her Out of The House He Bought Her

NBA YoungBoy is currently under house arrest and will be for nearly another year.

It's unclear if the 20-year-old is staying at the house he bought his mom Sheronda, but his mom wants to make it clear that YoungBoy has now booted her from the home he bought her.

"Kentrell got me a f-ing house. But when you don't do what he f-ing say, he get it took. I don't give a f. You can have your house, b*tch. I'll got sleep on a park bench. You are not going hold your money over my head ... I'm not going to play with you," Sheronda said while driving in a car.

Sheronda goes on to suggest the problem between them arose because she was criticizing his behavior on Instagram Live from inside the house she's no longer welcome in.

"I can be on Live any time," she said defiantly on Instagram Live.

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