Offset Calls Out Other Rappers For Their Bad Smells

Offset likes to keep it clean and isn't impressed with the rest of the rap game's hygiene.

In a video for Hypebeast, the Migo breaks down what he takes with him on the road.

Included in his overnight bag is Dove soap  -- if he isn't sponsoring them already he soon will be -- because he wants to avoid the inadequate perfume baths he believes a lot of his rap brethren take. 

"Wash yo' ass. I know a lot of you rap boys. Y'all be smelling a lil' stank too boy. You be spraying yourself with all that cologne. Wash yo' ass man. My assistant get cussed out if he leave this anywhere cause I don't like any other soap... Squeaky clean. I like to smell good. I like my skin to shine," Set explained.

What smelly rappers do you think he is talking about? (He said "boys" so he can't be implicating Cardi.)

Jump to 6:30 to hear Offset on soap.

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