Rick Ross Puts Nipsey Hussle’s Face In An Odd Place

In the race to see who can pay the most respect to the late Nipsey Hussle, Rick Ross has taken a novel turn.

Ross has already obtained a new Nipsey Hussle tattoo -- like The Game, Lauren London and others have.

But then he one-upped that, so to speak, by getting Nip's face painted on the elevator doors in his mansion.


Nipsey and Ross go back. 

Nip almost signed with The Bawse and MMG, but ultimately decided he had to stay loyal to the team that was with him from the beginning.

"I would have took that deal," Nipsey stated last year. "Even just outside of the terms, just how Ross hustles. I believe in Ross as a hustler. Everything he said and done, every convo we had, every time I sent a verse he executed it. So I got a lot of respect for Rozay, so I would have just done it off GP. But I got a team I committed to ahead of time, and I had to make sure they got the credit for what they did."

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