Tech N9ne Has A Question For Anyone Who Would Call Eminem A Culture Vulture

Lord Jamar and Benzino are among those who've forwarded the opinion that Eminem is a "culture vulture."

Em's buddy Tech N9ne has a question for those two, and anyone else who says Shady came into the culture illegitimately.

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"I was raised on music," he begins in an Instagram video. "All types of music. First was gospel. Rap smacked me. Then R&B. Blues. Jazz. The f*ckin rock. So I am influenced by music I was raised on ... I am just doing music that I love and feel. Not only do I do Hip Hop shows, I do hard rock shows and festivals too. I can open up for Kanye and 2 Chainz, and the next day do Knotfest, N*gga. I've done it. In that order. So when you see me at rock shows and you know my basis in Hip Hop, does that make me a culture vulture? No! So why the f*ck ya say that about Eminem? Like he didn't grow up listening to Hip Hop. Y'all know he did. Let's talk about it."

What do you think of Tech's argument? (And his little Machine Gun Kelly reference at the end?)

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