Video Shows Fallout Boy’s Crowd Booing Machine Gun Kelly When He Dissed Eminem

On Sunday night, Machine Gun Kelly Instagram posted a dramatic photo of him playing in front of a sold-out arena in Orlando with a shirt mocking Eminem's "Killshot" diss of him.

The photo was a little deceptive: he was opening for Fallout Boy so that was really their crowd.

And it looks like Fallout Boy's crowd booed MGK when he did his Eminem diss "Rap Devil." At least according to this now viral video.

There are also multiple Twitter reports that MGK deceptively staged the photo with the anti-Eminem shirt. (Hit play on the video to see the Tweets.)


Hmm. It could be that all of those boos were added into that video. But, as of now, that's a really, really bad look for MGK.

Update: The boos may be fake:

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