S.I.L.A.S. – W.A.V. EP

S.I.L.A.S. – W.A.V. EP

Unorthodox. Lyrical. Original.

When asked to describe his sound, Hip Hop artist and filmmaker, Silas Luster, came up with these three adjectives. And he backs it up with his work. With four mixtapes under his belt, and continuous film projects, Silas unveils his latest project, “W.A.V. EP” – entirely produced by friend/producer, TMAC. In an era defined by superficial lyrics over Trap heavy production, Silas comes through with introspective lyrics over nostalgic instrumentals.

“W.A.V.” opens with “Sion,” a record that takes the listener back to the gritty soundscapes of the 90’s and Silas holds nothing back in his execution of words. “Friends turn foe, life goes on.” On “O.S.H.N,” producer, TMAC, introduces melodic keys and what sounds like a classic sample of a woman singing, “Where are you going? Can you tell me something? I can tell you something now. You will be something. You’re going somewhere.” As the record unfolds, Silas inserts a slew of positive lyrics, rounding out the feel-good record.

“W.A.V.” EP closes out with “2004,” a smooth record with hints of electrifying sound elements that finds Silas opening up about his life – his start in music, the frustrations that came with it, overcoming his obstacles, and giving thanks to those in his life that matter.

Overall, this new EP reminds us that not all is lost in the mix when it comes to musical trends in Hip Hop. There are those, like Silas, who remain true to the essence of Hip Hop and keep their music pure.

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